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Prescription medicines at affordable prices

Doolittle’s Dispensary Online Prescription Information

Whether it’s repeat prescriptions or one-off treatments, we can help you spend less time queuing in the surgery and more time enjoying the company of your faithful pet with our unique ’direct to your door’ service.

  1. Step 1

    You can print off a Prescription Form to have your vet fill out by clicking here; we also accept standard veterinary prescription forms. The prescription form must clearly state what medicine have been authorised, and the vet's signature must also be valid.

  2. Step 2

    Once you have your completed prescription you can order and pay for the required medication as normal. The money will be debited from your bank account immediately, but please note that we are unable to dispatch this item until we have received a completed prescription from your vet (see step 3).

  3. Step 3

    You now need to send us your completed prescription form. You can upload a scan in the ‘My Account’ section if you wish, which will allow us to begin processing your order immediately. However, we do require a hard copy of the form to be sent to the address below before we can give final approval and dispatch your medicines.

Where to send your prescription:

Please post it to us along with your order confirmation to: Doolittle’s Dispensary, Nags Head Farm, Nantwich Road, Blackbrook, Newcastle under Lyme, ST5 5EH.

IMPORTANT Prescription Terms:

  • Please ensure you have a valid prescription form in hand before ordering any prescription medication; no refunds can be issued on prescription only medicines. Please see our Cancellation, Returns & Refunds Policy for more information.
  • The prescription form must be dated within 3 days prior to you placing your order.
  • To speed up your order process, you can upload a scan of the prescription to your ‘Prescriptions’ page within ‘My Account’, but your order will not be dispatched until we have also received a hard copy of you prescription form which must reach us within 7 days of you placing your order .
  • If you have a repeat prescription, you can keep track of the medication quantities you are entitled to in your ‘Prescriptions’ page.
  • We will only dispatch the medication amount/s specified on the prescription. As such, repeat prescription medication will only be issued up to the quantities specified on the original prescription. 
  • Always include your order reference number and contact number when you send the hard copy of your prescription to us.
  • We cannot refund prescription only medicines so please make sure you only purchase what you are allowed on your prescription. If you upload your prescription via 'My account' you can keep track of how many prescription product quantities you have left

Repeat Prescriptions

If your furry friend has a long–term condition, running back and forth from the vets can be tiring, as well as expensive. That's why we also provide a reliable repeat prescription service.

Simply follow the steps above - you can choose to either order just the first lot of medication, or the entire course at once. When we receive the hard copy of your prescription form, we will place it on file so that, should you wish to order more medication at a later date, we will be able to process the repeat immediately, up until the point you reach the total allowance allowed by the prescription.

Please note that the prescription must clearly indicate the amount of times the medication can be re-prescribed; if it simply states 'Repeat', we will only be able to repeat it once.

You can view and check the status of your prescriptions from the ‘My Account’ section of the website after you have logged in. If you have any questions regarding prescriptions, please email us at: