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Looking After Your The Five Freedoms: what every pet deserves

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The Five Freedoms: what every pet deserves

At Doolittle’s Dispensary we put animal welfare at the forefront of everything we do.  Your pets give you unconditional love as a given, but to ensure they are kept in tip-top condition there are a few small steps we can take on a daily basis to give them a full and enriched life.  It can also help us to keep fit and healthy too!

The five freedoms are the basic principles upon which we can build. We know you do this already, which means that your pet is getting the best care possible, but to make things even easier for you we have created a wide range of information sheets and products that can help to attend your pets every need. 

1. Freedom from hunger and thirst –

by providing enough fresh water and the right type and amount of food to keep them fit.

2. Freedom from discomfort –

by making sure that animals have the right type of environment including shelter and somewhere comfortable to rest.

3. Freedom from pain, injury and disease –

by preventing them from getting ill or injured and by making sure animals are diagnosed and treated rapidly if they do.

4. Freedom to behave normally –

by making sure animals have enough space, proper facilities and the company of other animals of their own kind.

5. Freedom from fear and distress –

by making sure their conditions and treatment avoid mental suffering.