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Looking After Your Feeding your cat: a few points to consider

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Feeding your cat: a few points to consider

Cats are obligate carnivores meaning that they must have animal derived proteins in their diet - meat. They also have a higher protein requirement when compared with other mammals. 

Your cat’s diet must contain specific nutrients:

- Taurine: an amino acid (protein building block), is needed to support the function of the eyes and heart.

- Arginine: also an amino acid that is essential in the process of protein breakdown and waste excretion.

Without these amino acids, cats growth and development will be slowed and specific health issues will develop. 

The best way to ensure your cat gets the right food to support their requirements is with a specialist cat food.  There are a number of types of cat food available and they can be categorised in to either wet or dry diets. 

The type of diet that you feed your cat is often dependant on its age, weight, activity level and health. It’s important to select a diet that is appropriate for your cats’ life stage as your cat will have changing dietary needs as it gets older. 

Most cats will opt to eat several small feeds as opposed to one or two large feeds and its important to be aware of this.  For best results you should refer to the pet food manufacturers recommendations and accurately measure or weigh out your cats food to avoid overfeeding and adjust the quantities to ensure they do not become under or over weight. 

Position your cats feeding bowl away from any litter trays and find the place your cat likes to eat.  If you have more than one cat per household it’s important to ensure that they have their own feeding bowl away from other cats.  Keeping this in a regular space will reduce competition and decrease any anxiety or conflict.  Offer access to fresh water but don’t be surprised if your cat doesn’t drink it. Some cats prefer to drink from alternative water sources. 

If you notice any changes in your cats eating habits, we recommend seeking veterinary advice. 

Doolittle’s Dispensary stocks a selection of cat food and we choose only the finest food to ensure your cat remains healthy and happy.  A good diet coupled with regular worming treatments will keep your cat's digestion in tip top condition.  You should also remember to apply regular flea treatments as fleas love to take advantage of a well fed cat!