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Father's Day Gifts and Discount

This Sunday the 17th of June 2012, we’ll be celebrating Father’s day. The one day on which we can stop and say thank you to our Dad’s by spoiling them unreservedly.

If you’re anything like us, then you’re likely to...

The modern pet: wild at heart

In this modern world pets are not just animals; they are companions, members of the family and sentient beings that feel emotion and thrive on our affection and love. Over the last twenty years, we’ve seen an attitude shift, where pets are now...

Dental Care: how to improve your pets oral health

Regular dental care is just as important for cats and dogs as it is for humans. The earlier you start in your pets’ life, the better, but it’s never too late and with Dental Care...

How to keep your dog cool in hot weather

What a weekend! Doolittle’s HQ in Swansea has been bathed in glorious sunshine, giving us perfect conditions for the passing through of the Olympic torch on Saturday and

Doolittle's Dispensary Competition: Win 3 months supply of Lintbells products

This week sees the launch of the first Doolittle’s Dispensary competition and we’re thrilled to be offering such a great prize. 

In association with Lintbells, we are offering one lucky...