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Going for Gold

Olympic fever has set in here at Doolittle’s Dispensary and we are beyond excited about the forth-coming games. The bunting is up, the BBC Olympic App is downloaded and we're...

Do you scoop your dogs poop?

It’s a dirty subject but someone’s got to talk about it.  Even as dog owner’s ourselves, there's still nothing more annoying than stepping in dog poo whilst enjoying a leisurely walk in the park on a dusky summers...

Protecting your horse against biting flies

It’s British summer time and when this deluge of wet weather abates, get ready for an influx of irritants for our equines friends. Horse flies and midges are two pests waiting in the wings to cause us great annoyance.

Horse flies, members...

Doolittle's Dispensary competition: Win an Easi-dri towel

To mark the occasion of reaching over 400 twitter followers and over 120 facebook friends, we’ve decided to celebrate with a great competition. In association with

To chip or not to chip, that is the question?

As well as being Dental Care Month, June also plays host to National Microchip...