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Has my dog got kennel cough?

Our family came over to visit this weekend and as normally happens, they never come alone – the furry family members always come along as well. Oscar, my parents dog, loves coming to stay and he often comes for the weekend when they’re away....

Weight problems in dogs and bumble foot in chickens

I thought I’d share a couple of stories with you today. Even though I am a vet, our own animals aren’t immune from their fair share of problems and these two stories are prime examples of this. 


Dogs Die In Hot Cars

On the drive to the supermarket at the weekend, we followed a car with a lovely golden Labrador sat happily staring out of the rear view window. As we pulled up into the car park, we realised we’d stopped opposite the same car we’d just been...

Wishing for warmer days

I wish summer would get a wriggle on. I don’t know about you but it’s not been particularly warm in these parts; it’s certainly not warm enough to dust off the patio furniture and light up a BBQ just yet. 

However, the...

Is it time to put my pet to sleep?

It’s the hardest decision you will ever have to make for your pet - when is the right time to say goodbye? Having just returned from the neighbours who were dealing with that exact question, I thought it would be something to ponder over, here on...