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Protecting your horse against biting flies

It’s British summer time and when this deluge of wet weather abates, get ready for an influx of irritants for our equines friends. Horse flies and midges are two pests waiting in the wings to cause us great annoyance.

Horse flies, members...

Thrush and Worm Prevention in Horses

It’s been a glorious day down on the farm. Long may this Indian summer continue. The fields are nice and dry, which is a good job really, as Gareth the rescue pony, our latest addition to the menagerie has had a bit of

Hoof abscess in the horse

On Christmas Eve, Brucke our 8 year old mare, went lame, whilst out in the field. Despite a thorough examination, the reason for the lameness in her right hind leg could not be found. Having lost a shoe on her left fore leg, we presumed she’d been...