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Larry the Cat: Moving Home

Someone who won’t be leaving 10 Downing Street today is Larry the Cat. Even though David Cameron is moving out, Larry will remain in charge of pest control at the Prime Ministers residence. Larry arrived in 2011 from Battersea Cats and Dogs Home, tasked with the job of keeping vermin under control. He actually belongs to one of the civil servants working for the Prime Minister, not Mr Cameron, so even though a new PM moves in, he gets to stay. 

But this got us thinking - if he was to move house with the Cameron’s, what would he think of this? 

As cats are a territorial species, they develop strong affinities for their local area and surroundings. Therefore, house moves can be particularly stressful and Larry might be significantly upset by the upheaval. Planning ahead can really help cats like Larry settle into their new humble abode. 

There’s two really good articles that we’d recommend you read if you’re about to move house, one from iCatCare and the other from Cats Protection. They’ve got some top tips on helping your cat settle into its new home. 

And there’s a few things that can help with the big move available here at Doolittle’s Dispensary. 

  1. Artificial pheromones such as Feliway can also be really useful, helping cats feel more secure. Plug in versions can be used in the cats new room to help them acclimatise whilst the spray version helps reduce anxiety and stress on the journey. 
  2. Secure cat carriers are needed to ensure the safe transportation of your furry friend - we’d recommend the RAC cat carrier for this.
  3. Sureflap microchip controlled cat flaps keep new neighbour’s cats out whilst allowing your cat to explore the new surroundings. 

Luckily Larry gets to stay at home this time and it’s likely that he won’t be too phased seeing Theresa May instead of David Cameron at the breakfast table. But a little bit of Feliway wouldn’t be a bad idea Prime Minister.


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